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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Silly Kid Stuff That Really Isn't Silly or Kid Stuff


Ever since I was a kid I wanted a car like this. I never really got into cars like my uncles or father had. I played sports instead. I read a lot. I was drawing and swimming in rivers and running around a wide countryside rather than dreaming of motor oil and gasoline (but oh how I loved the smell of gasoline). SOmehow, through all that seeming indifference, there was this anchor attached to whatever was firm enough to hold it in place , that tethered me to a car like this.

I think part of it was the overly romantic connection to a history I never knew, to a place where things seemed easier to define, but part of it was just the common awe that we all share when we're in the presence of manmade awesomeness. Last weekend we slipped over to catch the Woodward Dream Cruise for the first time and it was all shock and awe, with some ten year old boy giggles thrown in. It was incredible, and I'm forever making it a part of my summer, every summer. I'm still giddy from it.

The air was thick with the rumble of American muscle, and there was a faint smell of gasoline everywhere. Tires squealed, and squaked, people were smiling and street signs was one of the coolest scenes I think I've ever seen. There was an endless parade of history purring past us on the street, and we explored parts of Detroit's suburbs that we were never all that familiar with but now love...Ferndale, Royal Oak, was so much fun I nearly blew a gasket, or busted a tie rod...something.

Now all I want to do is find some cheap piece of American metal to marginally invest our time and energy into and spend portions of our summer feeling like we fell out of American Graffiti. For a short period of time I think Zed would find that pretty cool. I know June would, 'cause despite what your average woman might admit, it was fun to watch her melt in the presence of a smokin' hot car. She even admitted as much. As cool as it is to find a boy who listens and laughs and is fun to be wouldn't hurt if he drove a car like the ones we saw on Saturday. Put together that package and watch teh rest of the world fall away in your asphalt wake.

Maybe next year we can actually cruise Woodward, instead of stumbling down it's length in awe.


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