Friday, August 5, 2011

Remembering Friday

Team Burgess posing for a much quieter Friday night than they were ever used to having.

It used to be that it was a pretty memorable Friday if you actually didn't remember a lot of it. It's not that way anymore. In fact, all those Friday nights seem rather wasted now (absolutely no pun intended). I think the most overlooked by-product of partying is the amount of time that you lose to what could be potentially better things. Like really absorbing your friends.

This is our friend's Birdy and Kaylen's family...that little Pebbles looking girl is Sophia, or as her father calls her, Sofa, and that stylish young dude in the Hurley tee is Jace, a bit of a natural phenomenon akin to tornados and whirlwinds. We used to lay waste to Friday nights. Now we're just happy to see one another and watch our family's change and grow (and dance).

Jace and Zed ripping up the waterfront with a first rate toddler tango.

It's a simple thing, a changing of priorities and demands and responsibilities, but it's nice, and I remember my Fridays these days. This one was spent wandering the waterfront, browsing record stores, making quiet fun of local characters and color, and catching up. It's the catching up part that matters most. The ironic part of remembering your Friday nights is that you often don't find yourself in the position to share them as much as you did when you were paying no attention to them. Doing nothing much with the people you care about very much, even when it happens not as much...well, good deal. I'll take it with little to no negotiation.


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