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Monday, August 1, 2011

The Power of The Beach...


It's nice to have the sun and waves of late afternoon beach adventures a full two minutes from our backdoor. Tonight, Zed, Avery, and myself all slipped out to the beach while June cranked out a pretty stellar dinner. We shot off for an hour or so of fun, and then we no more than dusted off the sand, piled into the Jeep and zzzzzzzzzzzzz...a little girl fell asleep. Napless for the past two days, with a compliment of late night bedtimes has obviously rendered this little wahine exhausted. She was asleep by 6:30pm. I unbuckled the completely limp little girl from her car seat and carried her into the house without as much as a sigh and a shift. I gently set her down in her bed, covered her absolutely out-of-it body with a blanket, and closed the door. I checked on her again at 8:30pm and she hadn't moved a muscle. Another few drop-ins throughout the evening had her still zonked, and as I type this nearing midnight she hasn't moved more than a few inches from where she first laid her head.

The power of the beach.


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