Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's Funny...


It's funny how little attention the world pays, to you, that is...It's funny how we expect it to, but if we disappeared tonight there'd still be a tomorrow...It's funny how inconsequential we all are, you know, in the great, grand scheme of things. So what if you're great at your job. There's somebody better. So what if you think you're kinda cool. There are an infinite number of people who are cooler, case you forgot, there's that whole first thing I mentioned. There really aren't that many people paying attention to you. Go ahead, wear the same shirt for three days in a row and see who notices. One, maybe two people...out of the sea of people that you interact with each day two people will notice that you're a dirtbag.

It's funny how important we feel the events in our lives are, when there are so many people experiencing so many other important events as to render ours ridiculously petty, silly even. It's funny how we're always what we enjoyed five years ago means nothing to us now, and how what defined us a decade ago seems impossible to comprehend today. It's funny how we get older but our memories stay exactly where we made them.

It's funny how life takes you places that you never intended for it to take you, that you never knew existed even, and that all of the efforts to land elsewhere are fairly fruitless in the knowledge that we go where our situations bid us to go, and we make the most of what we find when we get there, or we don't...and those people who don't are miserable.

It's funny how "normal" could be more accurately defined as "familiar," and how what you see isn't what you get at all but rather, just what you see.

It's funny that living and dying is less defined by how we did it then by how long we did it. It's funny how frightened we are to take responsibility for our own...whatever...actions, children, happiness, anger, problems...It's funny how we're more inclined to wait for something to happen than we are to meet it halfway. It's funny how we usually end up exactly where we deserve to be.

It's funny how parenthood changes us, and it's funny how it doesn't too. If you're too cool, too oblivious, too self-centered, too angry or vindictive, too complacent, too spoiled, or too indifferent to being split open, turned inside out, made to adjust every single thought and belief, and set down dizzy and confused...well then maybe you'll always be those things, and never once find out who you maybe really are, or how quickly a little girl can spin you in circles and leave you breathless, happy, and uncertain of yourself.

It's funny, that's all.

It's funny how the only thing that really, really matters, I mean in the end, is what you helped build her into.


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