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Monday, August 22, 2011

How do you hopscotch?


Zoey doesn't give a s#!t about the rules of hopscotch. She doesn't care to learn the rules, doesn't care if she's doing it wrong (your wrong, not hers) and she has almost no fear of making mistakes in whatever game she made for herself. All those hopscotch lines laid out on the concrete just don't look like regular old concrete, so...I wanna play on 'em.

We all need a little more of that. Their only rules if you believe them to be rules, socially speaking...don't go and start stealing cars 'cause, you know, you don't believe in the concept of personal property. I'm talking about the rules that govern your social and emotional this and thats. Don't let other people define you. Don't do something because it's what people expect. Don't fall in line if a line is tha last thing you want to be a part of. Just be, and be happy.

If you want to play hopscotch, play hopscotch, but if you want the lines in the hopscotch outline to be the only thing keeping you from the hot molten lava of asphalt beneath you, then cool. Do that. Just don't complain about hopscotch and then start hopping. People might look at you a little funny when you're teetering precariously on the edge of some painted line on the cement, and, of course, some people will be frustrated that you're in the way of their game of hopscotch, but in the absolute let's say symbolically the end of morning recess, 'cause until you're dead or have given up, there's always another recess...people will you respect you more for being yourself, and doing your own thing than they ever will for hopping when you just don't want to hop.

How do you hopscotch?


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