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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Camp Zed Finds August Just Fine

Zed and Ave - Camp Zed Beach Day - Aug
Zoey absorbing Camp Zed's new CIT, her cousin Avery

With a small but firmly established CIT program now in place, Camp Zed, is in full swing headed into August. Avery is here for a chunk of the week, and the schedule is full. A lot of beach, a lot of parks and playgrounds...a lot of absolutely spent and snoring Zed.

Avery is a huge help hanging around, and Zo is a big, big, fan, so some things as simple as swinging a little bit higher on the swings, or wading out a little deeper into the lake, are accomplished without a lot of discussion with Avery around. If Avery is swimming, then Zo wants to swim. If Avery is swinging high, then Zo wants to swing higher. It's a bit of a sweet relief from the demands of pushing Zed a little to try things or test herself. It's the kind of natural incentive that you just can't force.

Double Zo Hilarity
Double Zed swinging themselves into hilarity.

We even met another Zoey today! Of the eight or nine kids playing at the playground this morning (and ignoring Zed even as she attempted to include them..."Hey guys, what are you guys doing?") the one cool kid who locked onto Zed...was another Zed. She was a sweet kid, and it was ridiculous to watch them peel around all over the park and enjoy the ability to pull them both back in with one name. They went bounding off into the trees to go swinging together and the scene was pretty cool. Two Zeds zooming off deeper into the park in search of swings. Certainly the only thing better than one Zo is two.

So far August is treating us just fine. Et tu?


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