Friday, July 22, 2011

The Tao of Cheese

I just read this homemade cheese post over at Cup of Jo that got me curious, so I dove in and discovered that Urban Cheesecraft in Portland, OR is pretty cool...beyond pretty cool. I wanna do that. I wanna fiddle-screw around in a shaded, cool kitchen and end up with one of the those perfectly amazing little mozzarella balls that run you $5 at the grocery. That'd be impressive.

"Whatcha doin'?

"Uh, makin' my own cheese."

"What! Awesome!"

"I know."

Check it out. I don't care who you are, outlaw biker, two fingered welder, emasculated theater prop builder...making your own cheese is cool as $#%t. On another note. The whole process demands that you be there paying attention, you know, fully present knuckle deep in the cheese, so to speak. That sounded kinda gross. You get the idea though. Rough day, long confusing series of very unfortunate events has you frazzled rotten? Make some cheese and chill out.

I watched the recent Russell Brand film, Arthur last night (brilliantly stupid with a side order of hilarious) and there's a scene in which he hires out the entirety of Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan for a first date. In the middle of what is a strange but lovely date he begs that they fly off to Spain and with cell phone in hand is even eager to charter a plane that instant. His creepingly attractive date (by movies end you'd marry her yourself) reminds him that he's rented all of Grand Central Terminal for 45 minutes in the middle of a busy evening and that, perhaps, they should just sit there and soak it all in, enjoy the beautiful fiasco that such an enterprise might be. I bet you never thought you'd wring a profound life lesson out of a Russell Brand acting job did you? I didn't.

I think we all just need to stop and look around much more than once in awhile. It helps a humbling heap to slow down in life and appreciate what you've got. I've got a perfectly amazing wife, and a startlingly beautiful and intelligent child, and yet I can still manage to get embarrassingly flustered over having to repeat myself, as though perhaps, I'm too busy to have to utter the same words twice. By the way this awkward cheese and Russell Brand post is a strange sort of non-verbal apology to my tolerant wife whom I neglected to apologize to in-person for being such a momentary twit to last night. See, occasionally, and especially with us short-sighted, quick tempered men-types, we'd be better served by making our own cheese. I'm talking the edible kind, rather than attempting to use cheese as a euphemism for humility or pride etc...We'd be better off just staying there in Grand Central Terminal and enjoying the quiet solitude, and acrobats, of course. Sometimes we need a little help to really be present in something, and so why not cheese?

There you have it. Cool post about a cool discovery, with a bloody insufficient apology throw in. Happy Friday.


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