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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Camp Zed is an awfully artsy-fartsy place at times...

Paper Boat

Daddy has stumbled upon his childhood this summer, not that he ever, in fact, lost it. If there's anything that I've been accused of of that I'll take full responsibility for it's an overindulgent childish streak...perhaps a fairly rabid imagination, and something far beyond your average amount of creativity, at least in terms of my particular gender. I'll own those traits with a boastful kind of pride, no question. They don't help much in the oh-so weighty world of adult inventions, but they're nice to settle down with and heal your wounds, maybe regain some faith in the universe.

So when I wanted to make a boat, we made a awesome boat. It won't float, see, it's only made from a brown paper bag, some old disposable chopsticks, string, and a wee bit of scotch tape, but it looks pretty good, and it's excellent for inspiring daydreams and the like. It was an easy build, and I think I've just sparked a new interest in building boats...little boats.

Don't throw out a paper bag or stitch of cardboard around this twisted, regressing mind. It very well could be the next America's Cup winner, the Empire State Building, or a sweet, sweet subway car. I'm awfully proud of this boat. I might not be building sheds in my backyard, and I'd be hard pressed to put up new cupboards in our kitchen, but by God I can kick the $#%& out of arts & crafts time.


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