Sunday, July 24, 2011


At some point yesterday, while Aunt Netta was saying "I do," or while Mihoko was simultaneously managing a pedicure and rolling sushi, or perhaps while Gerry was sweating through making his second place pride and joy (behind his children) look primped and prepared as a waterfront could be, The Zoey Blog hit 100,000 visitors. Kinda monumental.

Zoey Sakura is two and half years old, and this blog is just a few months older than that. I don't know how I'll ever prune it down to something we could ever print in a book, but we'll try. After yesterday it became remarkably clear that this blog has turned into something a lot bigger and a lot more profound than just a trail of our memories. It's drawn in friends, new and's served as an outlet, a therapist, a tool to shape the people that we are. It's communicated with family across oceans and friends equally distant. It's reminded us of many of the things that a lot of us forget, and it's something I'm very, very proud of. I might not be able to build you a deck, but I can certainly build us a destination to which we all might aspire to find some hope and happiness. The Zoey Blog has become exactly that, the kind of place where people (including myself) go to escape the insincerities of the world that surrounds them. Our own individual Margaritaville without all that tequila and lime. I don't know what I'd be doing without all of the sunshine it shines in my life. It illuminates almost everything.

100,000 visitors. It's kinda hard to believe.

Wow. Thanks. We're a little speechless.


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