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Friday, July 1, 2011

Ain't No Poddy Like a Zoey Poddy

Light poddy reading
Zed splits her focus between two different things on the big girls poddy.

Zedder decided that she would crawl up onto the big poddy today. You and I call it a toilet, but stick with me, we've got one foot in a two year olds world here. We were fresh home from swimming and changing clothes, she was naked and eager to rid herself of waste...and obviously ambitious...big poddy.

Of course she had to princess it up a little. She needed a towel draped around her to ward off the goosebumps (she doesn't like goosebumps much), and she required some light reading, like Japanese board books. That's right, Japanese board books. We're not trying to be Montessori type freak parents, it's just that she likes herself some Japanese here and there. Blame it on the DNA. Blame it on Baachan. You can even blame Aunt Netta and Mummy, but the fact remains that this funster gets her Japanese on every occasion it's offered and thats a good thing.

Her favorite food is rice and furikake. She excuses herself from the table with a muted and coaxed, go chi so sama deshita, and she could eat nori by the bag, and all by itself. She likes the sound of someone speaking Japanese. She likes the inflection in the phrasing, the tone and rhythm of the conversation. Even when we were living in Waikiki and she was just a small baby she would turn her head at the sound of Japanese tourists talking. Of course, by then her own Baachan had cooed into her ear for six months. She likes her Mummy's Japanese songs, and she apparently likes to read Japanese board books while she poops.

It'd be nice if she ends up showing some kind of affinity for the kind of culture that her Mom grew up with, and that she's been exposed to so far, but for now we're a little more excited that she wants to use the big girls poddy. I dunno how you spell toilet in kanji but that matters infinitely less then her wanting to use one.


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