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Friday, June 17, 2011

When Everything is Foggy

It's foggy this morning and Zoey has gone off with Grandma to Baachan's house while we pack. Both June and I are working from home today, my phone very unlikely to ring on what is, for all intents and purposes, the last day of school for most high school kids. Exams are next week, and although there are classes for underclassmen, most juniors and seniors are finished up after today. The phone hasn't rang all morning, nor has a single email or text slipped through. It's just me and the fog, while June struggles to make it through a few hours of work downstairs. There is a lot of work to be done, and we're just now finding some of the motivation to do it.

A cheque was dropped off at the lawyers this morning, a big cheque, and the keys to what Zoey will call home for quite some time, will be ready to pick up later this afternoon. The moving truck needs to be picked up at 5pm, and tonight will be comprised mostly of packing up cars and shuttling boxes upon boxes to the house, filling the truck with some of the larger things, and gathering up all manner of loose ends. I'm starting to get excited.

A portion of the morning was spent talking myself back off the ledge, and looking through different lenses. A message from a good friend, Dustin, swept me up in a swelling sort of pride that I can call him my friend, even perhaps the best of those I know, and a break from the people and faces that remind me that things are in flux was important. I have nothing to do but pack now. While I do so, I am listening to this, and laughing at my my desperate need for comfort, even in the form of a voice...but what a voice Jim Dale has reading Peter Pan, and easing my mind.

What's all this fuss about Peter Pan of late? I dunno, only that I can't stop thinking about it. Perhaps it's the salve that soothes my restlessness right now? Or maybe I'm just eager to be lost in someone else's fantasy? Regardless, it's what's easing my troubled mind, and that's good enough for me.

Expect sporadic posting for the next few days. At worst I'll have no access, and will be typing posts in Word to flip into Blogger best we'll have internet and some spare time. It's a quiet house without Zo here. She'll be spending the next two nights with Baachan and Grandad. We're missing her already. Maybe if we can be more efficient than we expect, she can come home as early as Saturday night? I doubt it, but wishful thinking is a nice perspective to have. These days it's all wishful thinking.


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