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Monday, June 20, 2011

Post-Father's Day Acknowledgement of Sucking

I suppose I skipped right over Father's Day. We were busy. I was wildly distracted, as was June. We've gotten very, very bad at not making big fusses over things, but I want us to be the kind of people that make big fusses over things. I didn't feel the weight of not making a fuss until very late in the day, and I thought. Wait a minute. This is the one day that we get, the one day where we don't have to feel the obligation to come in third, and I squander it. I didn't even dole it out very good. I hugged and kissed my own father...shook Gerry's hand, but I did nothing to approximate fuss. That sucks. Quick, someone slap me in the face.

Life is too short for being dismissive. Much too short.


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