Thursday, June 30, 2011

Missing NYC

We won't be wandering too far from our new little domicile this summer, well, respectfully speaking, not that far...and skipping along sidewalks, and thru parks, and down this unexplored street and that one, I'm quickly reminded how much I miss New York, and how badly I wish we were still there.

Doesn't this look like the best thing on earth since guacamole was invented?

Photos pinched from A Restless Transplant

I miss the walk up Court Street in Carroll Gardens and all of the shop owners coming out to greet Zoey. I miss the Brooklyn Promenade. I miss the Trader Joe's on the Corner of Atlantic and Court. I miss the Whole Foods at Columbus Circle on the bottom West corner of Central Park. I miss walking in Hell's Kitchen after dusk on a Friday night, when the street starts to come alive. I miss the view of lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty from the Fairway down in Red Hook. I miss shooting hoops in Carroll Gardens Park. I miss bookstores and restaurants and discovering new streets and new neighborhoods every day. I miss early morning empty streets on summer Sundays. I miss the Cowgerellis just off Smith. I miss being stopped for directions and giving accurate ones because I know where I am. I miss accidentally running into Betz in a city of over eight million people. I miss a lot of stuff. We'll be back. It's too ingrained in our collective senses of home to not fall asleep there for weeks at a time again.

No worries at all. We'll settle in this summer, and run away next. It's an easy thing to swallow this what to do with myself with summer's off from now until whenever phenomenon. I'll earn my bailouts from September to June and then soak my daughter and our family in perspective and adventure for July and August. That's right...roof top BBQs, far away beaches, airplanes, incredible ideas...Japan! This big thinking is gonna need some reigning in, I think. For now I'll just dream of Brooklyn and make plans for the beach a block and a half away.


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