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Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'll Be Waiting In Northern California For You...

Giving Zoey a bath, playing Nemo and splashing around a bit when I heard this stellar song pouring out of the living room. I had tuned the Apple TV onto internet radio earlier in the evening, and left it on for ambiance and ideas. I've been listening to a lot of Austin Independent Radio (AIR) lately. Trust me a hundred ways when I tell you that you've had worse ideas than grooving to what's coming out of Austin on a nightly basis. Most of the stuff is wonderment that you've never heard before.

So while water was still dripping from my hair I stumbled into the living room and did my best to Google the lyrics that I heard. I found it. Do yourself a favor and find it too. The artist is Jesse Woods, and the song is Ugly Dress.

Pretty incredible huh? I certainly thought so, times ten. My newest two minute favorite. Zo's too, as she can't stop singing, "I'll be waiting in Northern California for you." You think I'm kidding but I'm not. She's a lyrical Jesse James. Snap, sorry, couldn't help myself.

All kidding out the window, check the lyrics out, they're beauty.


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