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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 3...Unverified Bummer

Today was one of those camp days that get longer with each passing hour. If there's a wrong side of the bed, Zoey found it first thing, and then showed me her level of commitment to even a bad idea by keeping her feet firmly rooted in grumpy all day.

We were supposed to go to the park...nope.

We were supposed to go to the book store...nope.

We were going to eat out for way.

We barely made it through a trip to the grocery store. Hard core cruster city, all day.

Oh well, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and rains.

We did however, build a robot out of cardboard. Well, I did. That was cool. For a fraction of the day I got to indulge myself in coolness rather than drown in the rip tides of Zed's malicious mood swings. Maybe I can teach the robot to babysit?


I guess the sun can't shine every day at camp, but it sucks the mustard when it does. Zed was a certified crazy girl today, which raises a giant red flag in me about the difficulties of managing a little woman someday. There were moments of brilliance, tainted by wild mood swings of unknown origin. We bonded over celery...

Celery Smootch

...only to watch Zo erupt in tears a mere fifteen minutes later. I'm spent...spun...slayed to a certain extent. In one day Zoey scared me away from talking to a woman of any age ever again...ever. Today felt like I was holding myself hostage. It was awful, and ugly, and did an unspecified amount of damage to my psyche...damage that I'm sure to not realize or understand for years to come.


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