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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Uncle Morley and His God Awful Eyewear

Just last weekend our very good friends, Corey and Steph, came over and we just soaked up some beach and each other. We caught up on one another's lives, and Steph's ever growing belly. They're due they're first child, a girl, in less than a month, and it's been pretty awesome to see them all geeked and freaked. They're going to be some of the best parents that I know.

Somehow we started calling Corey by the much cooler name, Morley, and it's stuck. Zo now refers to him as Morley, so from last weekend and for the rest of his life, Corey is Morley. At one point last weekend Zo started rummaging through Corey's lunch bag from work. She discovered a pretty stellar prize in the form of Uncle Morley's busted up safety glasses. She tried them on. She loved 'em.

Zo with Uncle Morley's safety glasses

I think Uncle Morley has a fan in Zed now. He's the dude with the cool glasses, and a baby in his belly. Yeah, she kind of had a hard time believing that if both Corey and Steph were becoming parents why they should both shouldn't have a baby in their bellys. Makes sense...if you're two years old, which is she most definitely is every bit of.

Awww, Uncle Morley. Hope you like the name, Core...'cause it's good and stuck.


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