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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A stitch in time...

Dad - Zo-Sleeping - Feb 09

The birth of my daughter caused me to develop enough courage to invent my life, because that's what I have done. I've invented every thread in it's fabric, and weaved it into something I could be proud of, something that couldn't be taken away from me as so many other things had. Yes, it was made from old scraps, and from pieces of discarded and mismatched material, but it has made a beautiful mosaic and is stitched together to tell a story, very much like the quilts that my grandmother used to lovingly piece together. I invented this pattern that you see in my life, in the carefully sewn blocks of memory and misshapen material, from the boy that I was to the man that I am, I invented all of this. I made my life, with the generous and often unaware help of others, I stitched together this story of me. There isn't another quilt that looks like my own, not another. No fabric or thread that can match the memories that make up mine. It is unique. I have her to thank for that.


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