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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The most comfortable 5 feet in the world...

Six feet three inches is not comfortably divisible by five feet, at least not in terms of cramming bodies into beds. Zo has herself a nasty head cold (thanks Daddy) and was on her way to frustratingly sleepless last night, that is until Dad grabbed a pillow, stuffed himself in beside Zed in her tiny, little bed, and got busy rubbing back and belly, and generally comforting a tossing and turning daughter. With a little help she got some much needed sleep, but Dad, well, all he got was an awful knot in his hip, about two hours of sleep, and a sore rotator cuff from all that back and belly rubbing. I feel kind of responsible considering such an indiscriminate cold was originally mine.

I was pretty happy to spend six or seven hours laying quietly in the dark with my daughter. I was struggling to put some things from my day into perspective and feeling her soft breathing beside me was reassuring. Very often the things that we find ourselves the most concerned with don’t deserve the attention. After a day that had spun out of control it was nice to find safe harbor and an anchor in a sleeping daughter. Perhaps nicer still to be able to ease her burden while forgetting my own. In the end six feet three inches does not fit comfortably in a five foot bed, but it does in the restful sighs of a sleeping little girl.


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