The Zoey Blog: Grass Stains and Grey Socks... FINAL - COVER UNIVERSE EXPLORERS ORDER

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Grass Stains and Grey Socks...


Someday someone will find these legs attractive, they'll pull the eyes of some young man...and some day she'll have logged thousands of miles on them, jumped over road blocks and speed bumps, with luck a few point guards. Someday these legs will walk her and her backpack off of the plane and onto European soil with little more than a few hundred dollars in her pocket and a lot of ambition. Someday these legs would never be caught dead sporting grey socks and sneakers. Someday these legs will do all of that but for now they're attached to a giggling little girl who likes to get grass stains on her bare skin and muck up her Chucks. Right now they're attached to a little person who won't stay this delightfully little for very long.


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