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Saturday, May 21, 2011

MacGregor Sucks the Mustard, and Zo Knows It

Beezer, Avery, and Zed

Zedder and I slipped down to Wallaceburg this afternoon and caught Beezer's football game. The boys fully dismantled MacGregor 58-14 or something like that, and Zo ran around for two hours, made a few friends, and generally wore herself out. She watched the cheerleaders incessantly, even chipped in with a few dances of her own, and she high fived all the players after the game. She was silly proud of Beezer, and kept talking about him on the drive home. She also ate chicken McNuggets on the ride back, but she talked about football more than the McNuggets. Of course, she was also apologizing to each nugget before she ate it so, you know, kinda take what she says with a little trepidation. She is only two years old after all.


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