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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fight For Your Right To Potty

It was a historic day in this household...well, relatively historic. Zed decided to use her potty without prodding or pushing FOUR times today...FOUR... grand total of two pees, an almost made it but my pants got stuck right on the precipice, and one fairly impressive poop.

I got the news of the first while driving to work...then the second while I was deep in conversation with a girl that was really struggling. It lightened the mood, and she laughed at my enthusiasm. I didn't hear about the third until I got home, and the fourth and final one...the deuce, as they say...found me with a front row seat since Zed decided that she'd like me to try to do the same in complete unison with her. Shrug...why not. I'm a gamer.


It's rather impressive considering we haven't pushed her hardly at all. She's a smart girl, and always has been, so we figured that she'd manage the idea of this before too long with minimal input from her rents. She has. It's awkwardly exciting, mostly because I never imagined it being all that exciting of a thing...I was wrong.


You know what she earned with that kind of gastrointestinal effort? A bug net and bug house. Yup. Now she's one more impressive day better at this whole potty game AND she's a bug hunter. Solid day Zed...very solid.


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