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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Zoey's Got 'Nastics...Daddy's Got a Cold

Zoey has gymnastics this morning...and Daddy can barely see twenty-five feet between the awful watery eyes of a sinus cold. Ugh. I hope Zo gets to do her flips four feet in front of me, otherwise, she's going to be a pink and blue blob of daughter, flipping and rolling around the Bluewater Gymnastics Club. Oh, and the sun's out for the first time in a week, you know, just to rub it all in a little more. Daddy couldn't enjoy himself today if you plucked him out of his misery and set him down in Chavez Ravine. Sinus colds are just plain old misery...a mild misery, but the kind that just wears you down.

Zedder is excited about her 'nastics class this morning. Daddy is too, you just can't tell. Zo looks cute. Daddy looks like he just climbed Everest. It's a pretty ridiculous contrast.

Mom's got the camera packed. Dad's got the DayQuil packed. Zo's got more energy than the day might require. THis is gonna be interesting.


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