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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Restless in Chicago...

The View

Too tired to be articulate...

Two days at Wrigley Field...a group of friends and strangers with seemingly stainless steal stomachs and frightfully efficient livers...missing my girls...Left the game early today, with the Dodgers seemingly firmly in control...and then they lost. Slipped over to Reckless Records with my new good friend, Jimmy Whynot, and bought three illusive Ryan Adams records to bring home with me...ate crap McDonalds tonight while the fellas were indulging in deep dish pizza, redeemed myself by buying a homeless guy some fries and a burger...Sitting in a bookstore on State St. doing homework while Chicago buzzes all around me. Heading home in the morning and I'll post from the comfort of my own couch and daughters loving stare.

Chicago been berry berry good to me.


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