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Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Quiet Place to Play...

Zoey Baachan whisper

Zedder has grown accustomed to spending at least one night each week at Baachan and Grandad's house. Sometimes our schedules don't match, and so she occasionally misses the chance to inspire astonishment in her grandparents, but typically Zo steals away her grandparents attention on a weekly basis. It's nice because we get to hear about Zoey's growth and development from a fresh perspective, and the changes that happen so gradually, and even subtly, that we often don't notice them find more than attentive measurement under Grandad and Baachan's watch.

Often by the time we arrive to pick Zoey up and head home she has put into practice new words, expressed new ideas and found new and interesting curiosities...all things that she would not have the chance to collect were she to stay home every weekend. We feel it's important that she find multiple influences and learn to navigate multiple expectations and so the trip to Baachan and Grandad's is much more than respite for us, or Zo time for her grandparents, it's an important chance to develop without our influence. Someday her Mom and Dad won't be around to straighten her crooked paths, and it will be then that we'll be confident of her ability to adapt and adjust. It's not just fun time at Baachan and Grandad''s a chance to grow up much more independently, and much more Baachan loves it more than breathing.


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