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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I think our daughter might be racist...

Tonight while watching the Knicks - Celtics game Zoey yelled, "Hey look, that black guy's got the ball!" June and I stared at one another aghast. Just when we couldn't be more confused at where Zed might have gathered such a racially insensitive perspective, and just as I was thinking to myself that I better sit down for a talk with Grandma, she blurted, "I want a white guy to have the ball." June passed out, and while I was fanning her with a copy of Martin Luther King Jr's The Trumpet of Conscience, Zoey screamed at the television, "Give that white guy the ball!

It's a difficult thing to admit to yourself that your beautiful little two year old girl just might be a racist, but my discomfort was eased when June woke up from her shock induced coma, and observed that the Celtics were wearing their home whites, and the Knicks dark blue uniforms very closely resembled black from a distance, and that Zoey was, in fact, referring to uniform colors rather than flesh tones. June sighed a breath of relief and set off with Zo to run a bath. I stayed put, stuck in my shock and awe, and convinced that Zoey was indeed referring to skin color. Just as I was about to let disappointment consume me, it struck me that she was making reference to the Celtics and I hated them anyway. It eased my apprehension.

Now in hindsight we're quite sure that Zo was referring to the team's uniform colors, and that her bold exclamations were simply mistaken for something much more heinous than what they were meant to be...either that or she's a total bigot, and I'm not really sure what to say about that.


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