Saturday, April 30, 2011

Homemade F Train

Cardboard train

I want to make a train like this for Zedder's room. Lately I wanna make a million things out of cardboard. Why is it that we're always just recycling the stuff or simply throwing it out? Cardboard is some seriously cool, under-appreciated, under-utilized awesome stuff. I'm becoming quite infatuated with the sheer amount of amazingness one can achieve with a little divergent thinking, a utility knife, some packing tape, and a lot of cardboard. I'm a pretty big fan of it's cost effectiveness too.

We've been thinking about what we'll fill this new house of ours with, and we're kinda stumped. We certainly have no interest in the usual path of least money down, don't pay until 2013...and who the hell wants to own two or three couches? Hell, we just bought our first one a year ago. I'm sure the place will be half empty for the first year we live in it. We're also not the Better Homes & Gardens types either...there's no Martha Stewart magazines on our end fact, there are no end tables, so we've been having a bit of a difficult time imagining what we're going to do with the space. That's where the cardboard comes in. At least as far as Zoey's room is concerned, you can do some seriously cool things with cardboard. We're not talking about making our entire dining room set out of cardboard boxes, but it would be an interesting idea, maybe even a smart one. I mean, who wants to sleep over when the guest bed is an old refrigerator box? Nobody. And you thought all this cardboard talk was silly.


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