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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Growing up, one house offer at a time...

304 front view
The offer's in on 304 Charles St...the white little cottagy bungalow on the right...

We may have just bought a house, which even as I type has me flabbergasted. I mean, we put in an offer, and there's nothing too complex about it. There's one other offer with about a billion provisions attached to it, including the sale of another home. Our offer, however, just requires a home inspection, that's suppose we wait and see what happens. We don't really know what we're doing here. We could be buying plutonium and be just as knowledgeable.

This feels strange...but awkwardly nice. Kinda like the first time a girls boob brushed up against my arm in the sixth grade.

If the deal goes through we'll be falling asleep to the sound of bellowing lake and ocean freighters passing by. It would be exactly 900 metres to find yourself standing directly under the Bluewater Bridge, chilling by the St.Clair River. Hop on your bicycle and pedal north a few blocks and your toes could be buried in the sand on the beach at Canatara Park, 200 acres of awesome, and not even a kilometre away (probably between half and three quarters of a mile for you 'Muricans) from the front steps of this very humble abode.

304 Charles St. Map 2

It's nothing crazy...probably not much over 1100 square feet on the main floor, with an unfinished and oddly shaped basement, about half that size. There are ten foot high ceilings and an absolutely mind twisting openness to the place. It needs about 50 yards of fence in the back yard, and the hidden back half of the house wasn't shingled with the front, and really should have been, but the surface area is no larger than the roof on a garage, and a simple single peak, so not too much to get worried about. It'll very likely need a new furnace in the next few years, but to our surprise, that's not as big of a whoop as we had imagined. So it fits our criteria of absolutely livable, with some reno needs that aren't absolutely urgent, and the potential price may be absolutely right. You'd make sick if I told you. Sorry...I just wanted to use the term "make sick"...but you probably would.

It's old, and from the outside looks much more like a cottage than a bungalow, but the interior is nicely put together (here's a rough layout) and doesn't look anything like any cottage I've ever seen (monstrous gas fireplace, obscenely high ceilings, etc...). We'd have to patch together a Grandma room, since the three bedrooms it was listed as is really two, but there's the potential for a room in the unfinished basement, and there is ample room in the giant living areas to section off something informal with bookshelves etc...It's nice, and we kind of spat out a subdued, "Wow," the minute we walked into the place. Impressively humble we'll call it.

Living room (view from the middle room towards the front of the house/entrance)
The front living area, front door, and body disposal sized gas fireplace.

Here's a link to a Flickr photo set with more pics of the place...crappy iPhone pics, but more pics nevertheless.

It's in a cool little community, ridiculously close to a good elementary school, with quick access to the highway, and the twin bridges that we need to cross to get over to Meechigan, and to those Tiger and Wolverine games we waste our time with. There are parks a plenty, and two large marinas each no less than two minutes away...maybe time to start saving for a boat? I can get an anchor tattoo and June would surely look cute with an eye patch. Okay, maybe not, but maybe some Sperry's, a wicked tan, and some wind swept hair? Zo could practice falling off boats, and we could keep Gravol in business.

I think we're getting ahead of ourselves. Maybe we should just wait for an answer before we start swabbing decks and building fences? Probably.


Blogger Elizabeth said...

It looks very warm and comfortable with a nice layout. I know you will do wonderful things with it. Does it come with the pickup trucks? :-)

April 10, 2011 at 9:16 AM  
Blogger Brian DeWagner said...

I wish it came with the pick up trucks! We could buy Toby Keith CDs and drink copious amounts of cheap beer in cans in an endless effort to hydrate our warped psyches. Maybe we could go hunting too.

I'm gonna ask about getting those trucks thrown in the deal.

April 10, 2011 at 11:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats Brian, I hope it works for you two. Alot of times the seller will give notice to the first offer that they have to dump their provisions or they will take your offer. Hope that is what happens.


April 13, 2011 at 1:56 PM  

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