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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cut and Paste...and Daydream


It's the rooftops above Wrigley where I'll be watching the Cubs and Dodgers with friends in April, and I'm giggly as a schoolgirl. You can do it too. Get more info here.

This article is both insightful and funny enough to make you pee in your pants a little.

I can't stop listening to this friggin' song...I'm in serious trouble of spending $9.99 and falling away from the rest of the planet socially whilst I enjoy my new Middle Brother music alone and smiling.

Next tattoo? Unless this wiggles it's way in first.

I just ordered this guy's jersey...pretty psyched to open that package.

Holy Mother of Magglio, this thing would make me much more inclined to tinker with tools of my own. It's not even $7,000 USD...I could sell all of my hockey cards and maybe buy one of these stunning ladies.

This looks like a nice way to spend a Saturday night.

If I've never linked you here, I'm sorry. This might be my dream escape from planet ridiculous. Someday...someday. With friends and family we could book up the whole enchilada. Yes? Maybe? No? Someday...

How 'bout this place then?


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