Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bye Bye Brooklyn...


Here are two of our favorite three people...the third is very likely the one snapping the picture. Our friends Jeff and Mel, and their little wonder, Elle, are on their way to Ottawa. Like Micheal Stipe once said, leaving New York's never easy, and I'm sure they'll miss their amazing little piece of Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. We miss it. It'll be so strange to head back and not find them there. We're sure to return to Brooklyn for more summers and there will be no park time with the Cowgerellis, no crammed and cramped apartment dinners with fun toddler games and way too much food. There'll be no more visits to the Y with the girls, and no more spontaneous picnics overlooking Manhattan along the East River, but mostly there'll be no more Cowgeraniums and that makes us sad.

We had one full and amazing (and hot) summer soaking up Jeff, Mel and Elle every bit as much as the city, and then enjoyed a stellar week with our favorite Carroll Gardeners just a month ago. It won't be the same, not ever, but such is life. They're such smile inducing memories that it's upsetting to think that we might never wander up Court St., or down Smith again, not with Mel and Elle, not with Jeff and I trailing and rambling on and on. We certainly won't get the chance to circumnavigate the near entirety of Central Park with three near perfect companions.

We wish them the best of luck back here in Canada, and we'll surely see them very soon. It was a nice run they had, but Canadians tend to eventually wander back to Canada. Although leaving New York's never easy, coming home surely is.


Blogger M. said...

What a lovely post to happen upon. I'm already daydreaming about skating the length of the rideau canal with our little funsters. And meeting up with the DeWagners for a little Brooklyn reunion one of these days doesn't sound so bad either.

April 23, 2011 at 4:30 PM  

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