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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Humility, even when you didn't order it...

Tonight I got frustrated while bathing Zo. I was taking the shower head down and ended up soaking myself. When I decided to quit digging myself a hole, little Zoey was busy staring up at Daddy and wondering, or perhaps, worrying, that he was upset. She doesn't like it when Daddy is upset.

Tonight, while putting Zo to bed, Mummy left a wide awake Zo to cry and cry, but the cry was more desperate than most, and Zo wasn't very tired. Mummy felt bad shortly after because when Zo cries like that she's not faking it.

Funny how both of us experienced our own little 'bouts with humility tonight, and it's amazing what a two year old...a smart one...can do to you. June felt as though she needed to leave her daughter more prepared for what is an inevitable goodnight, and I felt as though I could better manage my frustrations. Humility inspired by the unconscious efforts of a little girl.

I promise that I'll work on weaving a longer fuse, on cultivating more patience, and June is still trying to come up with her own specific plan of attack, whatever it is, I'm sure it will leave both her and Zo feeling better about these nights. It brings to mind the question of how people are so careless with how their children see them? I can watch Zoey follow her Mom around the room with just her eyes...and June always points out how Zo will just watch her Daddy, all the time. We pay pretty good attention to ourselves, and what we show her, but maybe we should pay even more?


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