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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pay Attention Little Miss Magic

Indi Cowie

Read this article from the New York Times, and then watch this video, and then let's talk about it.

First, this girls name is Indi, and I love it. What an incredible name. Talk about being slapped with a moniker that you'd better live up to.

Second, I've always had a soft spot for a kid that committed to anything. I don't think you teach that, and I'm not sure just how often a kid learns it. I think that, if you're lucky, you just find it. Then, of course, once you find it there's an impossibility to do anything else but wade through it.

Third, what an incredible relationship with her sister. That alone made me want to have a bigger family.

Lastly, I hope Zo can find one fifth the passion, perspective, and seeming joy, that Indi extracts from her life. We're sooo excited for Zed to get started with some sports programs...swimming, gymnastics, soccer...soooo excited. She's a bundle of ridiculous, boundless energy already at age 2, and she's desperately needing some outlets. She's super coordinated, way too strong for her own good (ask Elle in Brooklyn), and wildly enthusiastic. She could run for hours, so the plan is to let her do just that.

We're excited because we know how important our commitment to those things were when we were at the pool, or the rink, or hanging around the gym long after we were finished practice...We know that those are the things that help to keep Zo surrounded with positivity, and making good choices... finding some belonging, and pouring her attention into. Both June and I are looking forward to games, and tournaments, and four nights of practice each week. We're excited to meet new people, some of which will become good friends. We're excited to have the conversations with our daughter to, and from games. We're eager for the disappointments and the encouragement, the accomplishments and ego anchoring...all of it.

What an incredible young woman that Indi Cowie is. I like her, and juggling a ball around has the least to do with it.

Here's more Indi.


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