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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's Raining in Brooklyn

Raining soaked awesomeness

We woke up to rain, and there's something about rain in Brooklyn that feels more melancholy than most places. It doesn't slow things down much, but if it wasn't for the cold rain falling you might think that the sky had gone missing...stolen...misplaced maybe, but not there when you look up. There is only grey. Still, I like Brooklyn in the rain. When it rains in Carroll Gardens the umbrellas come out, and people hustle along wet sidewalks into dry coffee shops and laundrys. Down here near Prospect Park and the 278 the streets are empty, and the neighborhood seems quiet. That's New York... neighborhoods not boroughs...not as big as you think.

I like it here, but I'm glad my life is spent mostly in other places. When it rained I'd be afraid that all I'd listen to is old sad bastard music, and it's not good to listen to too much old sad bastard music. I think Brooklyn might be full of old sad bastard music that only comes out when it rains. Like this. Yeah, too much of that would be the end of me.

It's funny, New York is no different than anywhere else. When it rains you'd be happy enough to just stay inside.


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