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Monday, March 14, 2011

I Spy With My Little Eye...Enchiladas and Cowgers

June Elle Zo at Cowgers in Brooklyn
June, Elle, and Zo doing some post dinner reading - 2nd Street, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.

We enjoyed a fun night of Mexican food and fun (not Mexican fun, just regular fun) with the 2nd Street Cowgers tonight over in Carroll Gardens. After a day of wandering our old haunts and reminding ourselves what we loved about Brooklyn, we settled into a grin inducing night of dinner, conversation, and childish games as two families got caught up after more than a few failed attempts.

Zo was a freakshow, tearing the place apart in between loving, if not entirely too aggressive and occasionally indifferent interactions with Elle, and sweet little Elle became my best friend on planet earth with a rousing game of "Eye Spy. We had a blast, and while Elle, Zo, Jeff and myself tore the living room apart, June and Mel got some valuable undistracted Mom time together, which was nice. We kept everyone up far too late, and as I type this I'm sitting in a hotel lobby watching the Lakers and Orlando Magic while June does her best to whisk an excited Zo off to sleep. I'm sure Jeff and Mel are having just as much fun escorting Elle into a deep, overdue sleep.

It was a great night, and served to remind us how infrequently we get to just hang out with people that we really, really like. Our lives back home are so isolated at times, whereas here in Brooklyn we feel part of a much bigger community...connected, if you will, and it helps that we had Mel and Jeff to introduce us to it all.

Tonight was a riot of somewhat subdued Elle insisting that her own family was called Brian, June, and Zoey, thus dubbing herself and her parents, Brian 2, June 2, and Zoey 2...she was content to perpetuate that illusion for the night...or there was Elle's unexpected attempts to give me a kiss on the lips. I suggested that she lay one on my cheek but she was awfully insistent that her affection find a place on my lips. That got a little awkward. She's just about the cutest kid alive...Sorry Zo, she's indeed that cute.

There's not much more fun to be had on planet earth than what fun you can rouse up with a simple game of Eye Spy and some tasty enchiladas. You can throw some Cowgers in for good measure, and you've got yourself a stellar night.


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