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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hockey Night in Canada

Red Wing jersey

I remember growing up and spending Saturdays watching HNIC. Now, as a grown man, I don't watch it near enough. It feels comfortable, like home. It's a classic bit of Canadian life, but rarely as classic as it is tonight. It's the Maple Leafs vs. the Red Wings in the early game, followed by the Flames vs. the Oilers as the night wanes on. Get your popcorn and settle in.

When I was a kid I remember that Saturdays meant staying up late, or as long as we could manage to keep our eyes open. It meant treats and snacks and some pretty rowdy games of carpet hockey...falling asleep with a light sweat from an evening of kinda sorta watching hockey, but mostly playing some version of it. I'd wager that a great many Canadian boys share the same story.

It's funny what we remember from growing up. I don't have many memories that find an easy recollection but HNIC does. Makes me wonder what Zoey will remember.


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