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Sunday, March 6, 2011

1 and 1/4 Japanese people playing in the snow...


If you add up the shared ethnicity between Mihoko (Baachan) and Zoey, you'd have one and one-quarter Japanese people. It's simple math really. Where it gets complicated is trying to explain to friends and family, Hii-Obaachan (ひいおばあちゃん) specifically, how this little girl of Japanese-Canadian heritage has blonde hair and blue eyes. Her smiling Baachan doesn't worry about the details too much. There's Yamaya blood coursing through the veins of this grinning little funster, at least some, and Baachan is quite partial of the blonde hair and blue eyes anyway.

Just for the record, that snowman's heritage consists mostly of H2O with the odd mineral and perhaps even chemical compound thrown in. It's a rather small and remarkably less than diverse family tree.


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