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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Some Sick links...literally

This is what I found while wallowing in my own sweaty sickness...enjoy.

Brooklyn resident, Alexander Chen, built this cool, melodic web page that represents New York subway lines as ever-growing strings that are "plucked" by intersecting trains. Best of all, it's built off a live feed of actual train data. Cool huh?

Saw "Hard to Kill on the TV schedule, giggled to myself, did a quick wiki check on Steven Seagal, and laughed for approximately 42 minutes.

I would like one of these.

Sometimes you just have to pay tribute in the only way you know how. There's no explaining a fan.

Thank you, once again, Patagonia.

I would like to live here.

Really excited for this. Everything Stacy does is gold.

If this kid is your neighbor, be worried.

There once was a time.


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