Saturday, February 12, 2011

Seeing Lebron...

Pistons - Heat,  Feb 11, 2011

Grandad and Baachan hung out with Zed while June and I finished off a pretty good week by sneaking over to the Palace of Auburn Hills to watch the Pistons welcome Lebron James into town. It wasn't much of a welcome as the Heat dismantled the Pistons by twenty. We did see Jesse Jackson and Aretha Franklin though...and now we can say that we saw King James play. Mostly we ate popcorn, drank Coke, and chilled out with 20,000 other people.

While we did that Zoey forced Grandad and Baachan to watch Ice Age and Pinocchio for a somewhat less exciting Friday night. They're typically thrilled enough to just hang out with Zed 'cause they kinda, sorta like her. It's awfully cute, and of course, a grandparent's job, but we can't help but feel badly that they don't get the opportunity to kidnap her more often, and with more ease. We're ridiculously appreciative and Zoey is five times the little girl with the influence. I have a pretty good feeling that us seeing Lebron isn't half the thrill as it is for Grandad and Baachan to see Zoey. The popcorn is probably cheaper at the Partridge house too, and Ice Age and Pinocchio probably make for better entertainment than the Detroit Pistons these days.


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