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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Random Runaway Thoughts...

It's snowy outside...and it's still awfully early...It's warm under these blankets but I've got the urge to get going...I have a plan, to go out and buy the house coffee (and treats)...'cause that's what fun Dad's do, and today I feel like being a fun Dad to compensate for all the grouch and slump and sniffle and lump and bummer I've been...I'm feeling newly perspectivized, that's right perspectivized...had a major early morning darkness revelation that has me thinking differently...that has me smiling...that has me feeling good, and smart, and in the right place at the right time and ready to make this change or that one and less inclined to see the world as a crowded, ugly, one dimensional place that doesn't do me as many favors as it does throw me things to sweat over...oh yes, great void of a keyboard, a computer screen, a blog, and a faceless, vastly unknown audience...I as though I had tickets to the game but I've been reading the program instead. This morning I feel as though I have something new to say...a new heart to wear firmly on my sleeve, and in the middle of all that I just realized that I need a haircut, and that my yearning for coffee made by someone else is now approaching a desperation.

All that and I forgot to wish the lovely little Elle a happy, happy 2nd birthday. She's a beautiful little girl made by rather beautiful big parents, and Zoey likes her an awful lot. I wish it was a warm summer morning in Carroll Gardens Park in Brooklyn right now, with two little squealing girls running around the place gathering up smiles and sighs as they go...that would kick the hell out of coffee.


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