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Monday, February 7, 2011

A One Night Violent Vacation


Tonight there will be Red Wings and Rangers and popcorn and Cobo Joe's and no toddlers in sight...nope, not one. Zo will be chilling with Grandma at home while her Mom and Dad enjoy the liberal and unapologetic violence of a professional hockey game in Detroit. Zed is still kinda sorta feeling dumpy, not terribly so but enough that she's going to see the pediatrician on Tuesday and see if there's anything that he can do for her, or that he might be concerned with as this cold has lingered a little. She's stuffed up, and still coughing a little, and the runny nose, oh the horror. We'll see if she needs any more attention than just time, fluids, and giant doses of affection.

A date night? Wow...and on a Monday. We're so rad it hurts.

Thanks G-ma...the chance to go enjoy ourselves is mucho, mucho appreciated. You're awfully rad yourself, you know.


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