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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nothing Says Love Like Streaming Video...

Hey...tomorrow's Valentine's Day and I think we've decided to only be semi-sweet by investing half of that sweetness that Valentine's Day demands on some Apple TV. I guess it's only romantic if you can mine the excuse that it will allow us to spend more time together cuddled up on the couch watching torrent movies that we've unabashedly stolen and more than your fair share of MLB.TV...if you can squint and see it through that awfully optimistic lense then it's for sure at least 50% sweet. We can meet the other 50% sweetness demands of the day with heartfelt cards and other tidbits...but for $50 each Apple TV sounds like a nice little February 14th "I love you" gift.

We know people who refuse to celebrate Valentine's Day, which sucks moldy lemon skins. Sure, it's a Hallmark Holiday, and yes, it's not up to a calendar to tell us when we feel romantic, but it's a nagging bummer to not celebrate it. Bring home a cheesecake (that's what I officially call the Bergquist Maneuver), or go to a movie. Sneak away for coffee and giggles, or buy a something, otherwise we let the anchors all around us win. That's right, I said anchors...there's plenty of them, just look around. They're the people who want to tell you that birthday's aren't important, that Christmas is too commercialized, that Thanksgiving is no big thing...Shame on those people. Shame on them. Life's too short to not make a big deal out of some things...Valentine's Day is one of those things.

Apple TV...maybe it's not skating in Central Park, or making a surprise visit to Tiffany's, but it's's an acknowledgement that Monday February 14th isn't just your average day. So rather than spend money unnecessarily on one another we'll use the better part of our investment in romance to score us some Apple TV, and the rest to score us some cheap and sincere sappy crap. Ahhh, the sentimentality...


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