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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Monster Negotiator Extraordinaire

Zoey and Daddy have stumbled into a new game that Mom has labeled Monster Negotiator. Oddly enough, we created the simple game in the bath tub, although the bath tub really has nothing to do with the game...don't need water...don't need suds and just need monsters, and not even real monsters. We take turns being the monster. We also take turns being Zoey, which sounds weird.

The game is entirely about how to get a monster to go away just by asking nicely...and surprisingly enough, in our dramatic bath tub re-creations it works every time. It goes something like this...First Daddy looks away and gets into character...he may even stretch if the performance seems to merit the effort.

Daddy: Turning and growling like a scary monster...claws bared...grrrrrrrrrrr.

Zoey: "Could you please go away Mr. scary monster?"

Daddy: Still growling...grrrrrrr..."Uhmm, okay."

Zoey: "Thanks."

Thats it. Then we flip it and I play Zoey and Zed plays the monster. Sometimes Zo demands certain types of monster, like quiet ones, or funny ones but usually your run-of-the-mill generic monster type will do. Done, that's it. nonsensical. I don't even know why we started playing it, but now it's a staple of our foolish back and forth shenanigans, and I love it. AND, if you can be super polite to a monster, well, you've kind of got the world by the ass when you grow older, don't you? Those are some negotiating skills.


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