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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Zedder vs. the Kansas Jayhawks

The chant in Lawrence, Kansas is, "ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!" but today, in Ann Arbor, it will be, "GO BLUE!" and it will be Zoey's first real test of stadium etiquette and crowd/game patience. We're off to Ann Arbor this afternoon for the Kansas - Michigan basketball game and we're excited beyond measure. It will be Zoey's first authentic have-her-own-seat sporting experience, and the results of which should be interesting.

I suppose she was present for Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals in Detroit, albeit with a crappy seat in her mother's womb. Out in the oxygen rich air of post-birth, Zo caught the US-Canada World Baseball Classic match-up at the Rogers Centre in Toronto when she was six weeks old. She didn't know which way was up, but handled it like a pink little, fragile, bundled up champ. She took in Michigan's first NCAA Basketball Tournament game in about twenty years shortly after, catching Michigan-Clemson at the Sprint Center in downtown Kansas City in March. She was three months old, strapped into a baby carrier and only marginally less pink and fragile than she was in February. She was a Detroit Tiger season ticket holder for two years straight, but really only stumbled around Comerica Park for half a season. This will be Zoey's first big girl sporting event, and I'm sure the photos will be snapping.

With luck we'll meet up with the Bergquist's...with similar luck we'll see Bruce and JT and a few other old friends, and let's keep our fingers crossed that Daddy doesn't spend most of the game walking around the concourse entertaining Zed while the guys in Maize and Blue shock the Jayhawks. No worries, I suppose...we'll still be able to hear the band!


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