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Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Graduate School of Itchy Long Underwear & Powdery White Snow

Lessons I Learned While Playing in The Snow Yesterday...

1. Don't wear jeans under snow pants...not unless you're ten and it's recess, even then...bad idea.

2. You can still make pretty great snowballs out of powder-like snow, but your hands get awfully cold.

3. Too hot can be worse than too cold.

4. Long underwear is just too often an unpleasant experience.

5. Silk, not Capilene.

6. Making smiley faces in the snow using your own footprints is more fun than you think.

7. The leaves on bamboo trees stay green all winter long.

8. When dragging a small child on a sled through the snow, rope length is key.

9. My wife likes to make snow angels.

10. Snowmobile mitts are best left for snowmobiling.

11. It takes way longer for kids to get cold than it does for adults to get cold.

12. Bamboo leaves taste like crap and I feel sorry for panda bears.

13. Don't underestimate the value of good socks.

14. If you stare up at a blue sky long enough, and don't look down, you can imagine yourself almost anywhere.

15. Playing in the snow does not necessarily tire children out.

16. Food tastes better after you've earned it.

17. I'm out of shape.

18. It's absolutely unnecessary how long waisted long underwear are.

19. Itchy toque head remains a mystery to me.

20. I'm a quitter.


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