Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Stormy skies...

Every day I stumble into new ways to lose faith in half of humanity, but those feelings are often spawned by some pretty heinous stuff. Lately, it's been a football program and the public's reaction to it that's got me considering a move to the wilds of Alaskan obscurity.

Now that Michigan may or may not be firing Rich Rodriguez, and now that no one seems to know who they might consider hiring, the entire universe has flipped off kilter and reasonable people are getting unreasonable...intelligent people are acting stupid...and little things like facts and truth and integrity are irrelevant.

I can't read the paper. I can't watch TV. I can't read the internets...

My head tells me that no one knows what's going on but the right people, and they know what they're doing...almost beyond criticism, they know what they're doing. That's not to say that it's right or wrong, but they're not stupid, and they have intricate plans and profound and intimate understanding of all of the necessary things. My heart tells me that this whole process hurts and I just want it to go away.

The sheer volume of fallacies and ignorance that's out there makes me want to crawl under the bed and hide. doesn't have to be a Michigan Man in pedigree, but it does in character. NO...we don't have to pick one particular philosophy or another, there is room to feel things out, mix and match, time to evaluate and blend ideologies etc...that's not a ridiculous notion. And does the football stuff matter as much as the leadership stuff? Maybe not. Mediocre coaches can win with great kids (see Lloyd). Michigan needs unity. It needs momentum. It needs amazing kids, and it needs some room to breathe and accomplish this stuff. I wish Michael Rosenberg would get struck by lightening.

Jim Harbaugh...if you don't want to come, fine.

Les Miles, if you don't want to come, that's fine too.

Remember though, Bo was not a man who tolerated this nonsense. You either want to be here or you don't. You get a chance, and then maybe you don't get another one because somebody, somewhere would slit throats to wear a headset in Michigan stadium...and that person is the one that Bo wanted.

I'm with Bo, and I've got my fingers crossed about that lightening.


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