Saturday, January 8, 2011

Someday When I Grow Up...

This is how I envision wasting away my years of home ownership, ferrying daughter to and from school and sports, and spending most of my weekends. Who says the fun ever needs to stop?

I revisited that video after having discovered it a few months back. It reminded me that I need exercise, the unfortunate problem is that I don't really like exercise. I like doing stuff, but I don't like exercising. I don't mind sweating and straining but it's gotta be for a good reason. Having a wiffleball stadium in your front yard is a good reason.

It inspired me to put a few balls (pardon the pun) in motion. Since I can't find very much exercise that I like...since I have no interest in rec. hockey, or summer slo-pitch, or men's league basketball, perhaps I could round up a bunch of friends and strangers alike, and get busy having our own version of

Parks & Wreckreation...exercise, competition, and fun for adolescent adults.

I'm going to start a Dodgeball League to waste away the winter.

I'm going to start a Wiffleball League to burn through the summer.

And I haven't figured out what to do with Spring and Fall yet, but a Bocce League is sounding awfully good. Also, Uncle Ian and I devised this incredible game a few years ago that involves remote control trucks, empty beer cans, pellet guns, and safety goggles if you're smart. I don't think it'd make for much exercise though.

Now I just need to pull it all together. I might need a partner or two in crime, perhaps a few lucky breaks, and we're off and sweating.

We all need more exercise. We all need more fun. We all need someone else to organize it for us. Done. Now who wants to play?


Blogger Organize Mel and Marca said...

There's a pub close to us that has indoor bocce ball. They say that nothing beats New York in the spring. We're here until April 15. I'm just sayin'...

January 11, 2011 at 1:39 PM  

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