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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sleepless in Sarnia...

It's 5 am on a Saturday morning and someone is wide awake in the other room telling her Mom all kinds of stories about parties and bunnies and how Al Pacino owes her five bucks...Okay, I made that last part up, but Zo is WIDE awake, and has been for about an hour which means that she was rooting us out of bed at 4am. You can't just leave her, because we did that from 3am on, and after an hour it's difficult to ignore all the banging and shuffling noises coming from her room, and it's also a little dangerous to leave a two year old to her own devices in thee dark hours of morning...especially when she owes money all over town.

The cat won't stop meowing like he's trapped behind a fence keeping him from thirteen in-heat females, or like maybe he's got gut cancer eating away at him oh-so painfully, and not so surprisingly, I can't sleep, rest my eyes, or clear my head from thought for even the leanest of five seconds. I went to bed stressed as my "Oh shit" cell phone for the kids I work with went off last night. There was a solitary text late in the evening that read, "Brian? U There?" but no more after that, so it sits beside my bed more silent than the rest of my world, when it's the only thing I really want making any noise right now. I backtracked the number to find that it was a cell # with Telus issued to a Chatham address but that's all I know. It could be any number of kids in any number of tricky spots, with any number of end results...most, I imagine, bad.

Since when were weekends more difficult to live through than weekdays?


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