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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Misty Miller vs. the World

How is it possible to be this incredible at age 16? That's what Misty Miller is...16. When I was sixteen I was hopelessly self-involved...tragically immature...embarrassingly unaccomplished...not Misty. Makes me wonder what we'll have in Zoey.

What did Misty's parents do differently, or did they do anything at all? Maybe Misty was just hell-bent and heaven-meant to be this impressive? All I know is that she sure seems to beat the pants off of most sixteen year olds. She seems talented, happy, balanced, comfortable with herself...I know adults who can't accomplish that. It hurts my head to think about how proud her parents must be.

I spend my days surrounded by kids whose parents, sadly, aren't so proud...maybe never were very proud themselves...and it's equally baffling. Sometimes I forget that there's a lot in between Misty Miller and the kid who corners me for advice. I don't know too many Misty Millers...maybe the glaringly obvious absence of those young people in my life means I'm long overdue to know one. Maybe that one will be Zoey.


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