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Monday, January 3, 2011

Hockey Night in Brights Grove...

This is Zoey's best Detroit Red Wings watching position. It looks perfectly appropriate doesn't it? Red blanket...octopus...look of bewilderment in her's not all that much different than the way I watch the Detroit Red Wings, except, you know, sans the red blanket and octopus. We always said that we wouldn't have the television on for all that much of Zo's time at home but it's really the only time that she shuts up. Don't misunderstand, we encourage Zo to talk endlessly, but she takes full advantage of our generosity. Talk, talk, talk, talk...We're excited about her vocabulary, and supportive of any new learning experience but sometimes it's just nice to listen to hockey and forget about parenting in lieu of watching Henrik Zetterberg score awesome goals.

As I type this Zoey is politely mixing English, Japanese and her own fun brand of purposeful jibberish to explain the universe to me. I just heard her use Buzz Lightyear, oshimai(the end), and suckababba all in the same carefully thought out sentence. Silence is golden, my friends...golden.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bought her that octapus!!!! Avery

January 3, 2011 at 9:21 PM  

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