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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy Every Other Day...including this one

What if you just don't believe in new beginnings necessarily, at least not as much as you believe wholeheartedly in constant reinvention? Does the turning of the calendar on a new year even matter all that much? Not really. What if you believe in constantly peeling back the layers so that you can see what's there, then what significance do the changing digits of a calendar year mean? Nothing.

I hope 2011 is a stellar 365 days, but I hope every year that steals a little more time from me is stellar. No specific bucket list type thinking...just living, and doing that better than I did the day previous, if I can manage it. It's not a very flashy philosophy but this living thing is a marathon you'd best not burn all your energy on in one fell swoop, nor your hope, nor your loot, nor all that zest you've stockpiled. Gimme something cool to do on New Years and I'll come, but if I have to force my will on the flip of a calendar...nope. I'll just go to bed and attack the morning. Symbolically, I've decided to get up and do something this morning while the rest of the world sleeps in a hung over stupor. I might attack every day of 2011 in the same fashion. I'm more interested in getting somewhere now than I am in just surviving the trip.

Happy New Year everyone. With my most sincerely mustered and heartfelt urgings I hope you enjoy every day ten times more than the previous one. I hope you find luck...lots of it. I hope you do things, not just think things, and I hope, hope, hope, that when the clock reads 2012 you're awfully proud of 2011. If you could manage to do that without thinking about the calendar at all then you'll have a smile on your face and something to brag about. That's my hope for today and every other day. I want to be impressive, and if I wasn't yesterday than I'd like to start being so today. If you're at all interested in tackling that task together then let's...I'd love the company, the encouragement, and just one more reason to be proud of some one or some thing. I like doling out pride. It feels good. I like saying, "that guy's my friend," or "Yeah, she's cool. I like her." I like doing that. I like it when people smile, and say such a thing about me. That is what I think every day should be about. I'm gonna stop typing and go get some of that to go with my cereal.

Here's a link to start your year off right...because I like you, and if you're not busy overthinking it, that's really enough to tackle anything.


Blogger Beth said...

Well said.

January 1, 2011 at 9:21 AM  

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