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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Books on the cheap...unlike our next football coach

Value Village score!!

That's $12 dollars worth of awesome right there. That's right, $12. We're not thrift store savants here but we know enough to stop every once in awhile. Children's books are 99 cents...99 cents! You scan the endless shelves of throw away bedtime stories, very likely, of kids who have all grown give 'em a quick once over for wear and tear, names scribbled in the front, crayon scribbles here or there, wham...blam...kabloom! Cheap books.

I think I had most of these titles when I was a kid. My favorite, by far, was The Brave Little Tailor, so much so that I base a good portion of my character judgement on whether or not you've read it.

If I was in charge of the Michigan coaching search I'd be narrowing the candidates pool down with one question...

"Have you read The Brave Little Tailor?"

"What's that? No, you haven't? I'm afraid this conversation is over. We're sorry Mr. Gruden, but it just doesn't feel like the right fit."

That's how I'd fill the University of Michigan's Head Football Coach's vacancy, you know, that one thing that's going to cost us $5 million dollars a year and make only half the people happy. We could save a lot of effort, heartache, and dissention if we just followed my Brave Little Tailor line of questioning. You could probably get the guy that answers that question correctly pretty cheap. I'd do it but I'm busy and I'd suck.


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